What’s a Bible Burst?

Bible with mouseThere’s writer’s block and then there’s writer’s sloth.  Too often, I would rather play – word games, puzzles, Solitaire – than write.  So, I gave myself this challenge: 1-3 times a week, pick a random Bible passage (from Bibledice.com) and, within an hour, write a poem, a memory, or an essay inspired by the passage and publish it in a blog.  I started this challenge over a year ago on another blogging site (Biblebrainbursts.blogspot.com) in the hopes of eventually writing something worthwhile.  The worth that I have found has been in an increased familiarity with Sacred Scripture and the slow (very slow) training of my flow of thoughts.  Sometimes, inspiration really does strike!  And then, other times, I just ramble.  The time constraint can leave the writings a bit messy and my pride wants to break the rules and edit further.  But, I will remain faithful to the challenge.  It’s always an adventure – especially with some quotes, yikes! Although I have modified the challenge to once a month, I always enjoy it.

Why not try the challenge yourself?  Bible bursts can be fun!  And, if we’re open, enlightening, too…

2 thoughts on “What’s a Bible Burst?

  1. albert

    Great idea! I should give it a try. But not sure about the random part. Well, who knows. I’ve heard stories about “random,” though it’s hard to believe that God works that way. But who knows.


    1. Christina Chase Post author

      Well, since I’m not looking for a specific answer to a specific question, the random selection is simply a fun way to explore Sacred Scripture. I’ve never used randomly chosen passages for anything else and I don’t think I would. But, I do recommend trying a Bible Burst – they have really helped me to grow more familiar with the Bible. Thanks for your visit here!



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